Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sip exactly?

Sip provides information about the coolest bars, cafés and restaurants in your town. For 14.99 USD (Approx. 350,000 VND) per month, you can become a member and get ONE FREE DRINK PER DAY in our partner venues.

2. How does it work?

Select a venue via our listing or geolocation map, chose a Sip drink among the selection, and click “Sip now” to generate your voucher of the day. Then show your screen to the server as a proof to order and get your drink for free!

3. What kind of drinks can I have using Sip app?

Coffee, fruit juice, beer, wine, cocktail… it’s up to you! Sip offers you one free drink per day, anytime from morning to evening. Each partner venue has carefully selected 1 to 4 “offered drinks” for Sip users, so you will find a suitable treat for any moment of your day!

4. I am obliged to order more drinks after my free drink?

No. Getting your daily free drink does not oblige you to consume furthermore. However, feel free to indulge yourself with some antipasti, more drinks or a nice diner afterward! Also, don’t forget to tip the staff!

5. How are the Sip partners selected?

At Sip, we only want to partner with the best. Cool atmosphere, quality product and great service are our main criteria. Note: all partners are carefully selected and we do not accept money from venues to be part of our directory!

6. How much does it cost?

The app is free to download and use (venues listing and information, geolocation…). To enjoy the app to the fullest and get your daily free drink, activate your membership for only 14.99 USD (Approx 350,000 VND) per month.

7. After I subscribe, when can I get my first free drink?

Right away! Once your payment is done, your membership is officially activated and you can get your first drink immediately.

8. Can I go to different venues and get multiple free drinks per day?

No. You get ONE FREE DRINK EACH DAY. Once your voucher of the day is used, the app will not be able to generate another voucher until the next day.

9. Do I need to do the payment process each month?

No. Your monthly membership will be automatically renewed each month, and the monthly fee automatically debited on your bank account. If you don’t want this anymore, you can freely resign your membership anytime.

10. How do I cancel my membership?

It is very easy. Go to your account page in the app, click “My membership” then click “Resign my membership”. Note that deleting the app from your device will not automatically unsubscribe you.

11. How to update my banking card information?

For now, the only way to update them is to resign your membership, and subscribe again with your new card information. To understand how to resign your membership, please refer to question 10 above. For step by step instruction visit: