If you are new to the art of mixology, doing a little homework before heading to the bar would do you good. And classic cocktails are a nice start: these timeless favorites are simple to memorize, yet sophisticated that you may never forget.


First appeared in Havana, Cuba in the 16th century, Mojito made its way to bars around the world for its refreshing rum-based texture and a good balance of flavors between sugarlime juice and soda. The solid iciness together with a touch of mint leaves keep the drink fresh and light for warmer days. Though appear simple, this popular summer drink is usually a no — no for bartenders on a busy night because the mixing requires a lot of ice crushing and mint leaves muddling. Pair Mojitos or any white rum cocktails with seafoods and you’re good for a lavish dinner.

Sip suggestion: Try the classic Mojito with Sip at No Vacancy. If you decide Rum is not for you, switch to the mocktail No-jito for an alcohol-free version.

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Famous journalist H. L. Mencken called this drink “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet”. Most bars nowadays make Martini with vodka, but its original recipe dates back to the concoction between gin and dry vermouth that brings out a distinct botanical taste with a citrusy finish from the juniper berry in gin. Make sure everything is ice-cold before getting your first sip, even your glass. This love-it-or-hate-it kind of cocktail goes well with green olives or a lemon twist as a garnish, and complement with the an opposite flavor of mild hummus or pita chips.

Sip suggestion: Try Martini in Havana edition with Sip at The Rabbit Hole. You can go for a classy Martini as well, but a bit twist of grape wine and chocolate bitter would make for a less bitter taste.


If you want to spice it up, order a glass of Margarita. Its primary alcohol, tequila, comes from the agave plants that grow in a Mexican town with the same name — Tequila, Jalisco. The drink’s delicacy depends on the sweetness from triple sec (a colorless, orange-flavored liquor) that balances out the sourness from lime juice. The salt rim added at last softens the cocktail’s bitterness and at the same time enhances the sweet flavors. Margarita is best served with chicken or shrimp that are marinated in lime juice.

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Gin never goes alone. The piney, slightly herbal taste of Gin blends well with the bittersweet of tonic water, thus the quintessential Gin & Tonic (G&T) came into life. This India/UK originated cocktail is traditionally served in highball glass (or collins) by pouring the two ingredients over ice and adding a wedge of lemon. A refreshing glass of G&T alone is good enough for a summer night. But if you opt for an exploding chemistry, try pairing it with some fruit snacks like the berries family, as they counter well with the quinine in tonic and the juniper flavor of gin.

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Negroni is another Gin based classic with an accompaniment of red vermouth and Campari in the ratio of 1:1:1. Simply pour all ingredients into a glass of ice and garnish with an orange peel — there you have the famous Italian apéritif (drinks that are served before a meal) that has been around for 100 years! First taste will be strong and bitter, but there comes immediately the underlying sweetness of vermouth. The king of simplicity and balance — Negroni reminds us of those good, old days. Salty olives, tasty bacons or bold cheese dishes are best to pair with Negroni as they complement the distinct bitterness of Campari.

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